Let’s talk about soulcycle

by | May 18, 2018 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The sport and movement market has grown and become more complex in recent years. There is a social pressure on the beauty ideal and our personal health and condition has become an important part of our lives. We go en masse to the gym (or we only have a subscription) and pay attention to our diet. Many commercial budget gyms have also opened their doors over the years. However, the nature and function of sport is shifting. We do not just want to play sports, but especially for the experience. Sports gives us the opportunity to escape from daily life and surround ourselves with social contacts.

The reason why many of us only have a subscription to the gym but never go, including me, is because the threshold to go to the gym is high. Because the social pressure about being successful and the way we look like is great, we prefer not to meet anyone in the gym. By making sports an experience where social contacts and wellness are central, the need can be met and the threshold to actually go smaller.
Wellvyll is a gym where social contacts, physical and mental health are central. In addition to wellvyll, more and more similar concepts are coming onto the market. This type of gym is looking for ways to make deeper connections between physical and mental health through actual interaction. There can be participated in various activities. Sometimes the gym will look more like a nightclub and at other times more of a spiritual healing center. The purpose of the clubs is to build a community and to give the athlete who only has a subscription a push in the right direction.

Our society is increasingly becoming an experience economy. The customer wants a ‘wow experience’ and more than just a product or service (Go Total Branding, 2018). Concepts such as WellVyll respond well to this. A positive mindset of people concerns personal health is already there. We only need a push in the right direction. When more similar concepts appear on the market, more people will take the step to actually start exercising. We can start training again for the experience, relaxation and of course, the social contacts.