Robotic restaurant

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If you want to eat healthy and environmentally conscious, it costs a lot of extra money and time, “said ex Google programmer and tech investor David Friedberg in an interview with Forbes We want healthy food but we often do not know what, do not have time to finish it or, for the cheaper alternative, fast food, according to Friedberg, this is not necessary. “When we use technology smartly, this is also a solution.” A few years ago, Tim Young and Scott Drummond opened the doors of the first Easta branch in San Fransico, a staff-free restaurant where you can order a healthy, environmentally conscious meal in a fast and cheap way.

Via a tablet you can choose your quinoa-based meal. You can omit what you do not like and what you like is something extra. When your meal is finished after a few minutes, you get your order by pressing twice a glass door where your name has just appeared. Without having to exchange words you order a healthy meal for $ 6.95 at Eatsa. A large open sterile space with tablets, high design tables, screens, LED lighting and of course the glass wall where the well-stocked meals appear, create a futuristic atmosphere.

The expansion of Eatsa is less successful than expected. The concept now has two offices in San Francisco. Previously there was also an Eatsa in New York and in Washington, but these are now closed again. Eatsa said that they can focus better on innovation and improving the concept when there are fewer branches. This way they hope to expand in the future.

“We hope that with fewer locations, we can experiment and innovate faster, and resume our retail expansion in the future.”

I find it interesting that the concept is less successful than expected. According to foodcritic Turow Paul, people feel more lonely than ever before. We want human interaction. Despite the fact that the founders do their best to stimulate human communication virtually the piece lacks human interaction in the concept.

By having dishes prepared by robots and people, the start-up Spycy set up by two MIT students does try to meet the need for human interaction. Preparing the ingredients is completely done by machines but the finishing touch to the dish is given by real humans. Through the open kitchen the customer sees the entire process of preparing and knows what is going on behind the scenes. Waiting for your dish this way is great and part of the experience

Both founders of Eats and Spycy started the concepts with the idea that sustainable and healthy food can be offered for a good price. By letting robots prepare our dishes, we can save costs which could realize a better price. We also see food as a social thing, so I think that a concept where we get served by robots mainly has potential in the fast food industry. First of all, most of us do not go to a fast food chain to dine. With our increasingly busy lives, we are often looking for a place where we can quickly eat something. In addition, healthy food plays an increasingly important role for us all in our lives. A place where I can eat a sustainable healthy meal for a good price I would definitely visit and I think with me, many others.